Dr. Jared Theurer

Ten years into my career, I had a reality check. If I continued doing what I have been doing for the last ten years, I would still be doing in ten and twenty years the exact same thing! I was doing well in my practice, producing 7 figures each year with only four chairs; however, I was looking for more:

· More ability to serve and impact a greater number of people.

· More potential to mentor and teach the next generation of the dental profession.

· More options to expand my current practice.

· More growth potential to expand my current practice into multiple locations.

· More possibilities for my children when they begin their careers in dentistry

The Capstone model has given me the ability to leverage what I have built into something far greater that I could ever do on my own. The future of my practice today is spread across a broader market with a much greater potential to grow. Now, I can do what I love to do most–see and treat patients; while having a business partner that does what they do best–grow and expand our business. It is the best of both worlds. The impact I now have on people’s lives is not confined to the walls of my own practice; rather its effect will reach other practices and future dental professionals. This security and potential is what I have always been looking for in my career helping me realize personal and professional fulfillment.

Dr. Jared Theurer

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